"Good the Bad and Matt Rippon "

The Power of the Apology
or how a simple sympathetic response can secure greater customer loyalty…
It’s amazing how reluctant people are to apologise. I just don’t understand it. .. . . (c) 2013 Moyan BRENN, flickr

Every law firm that I have ever worked at would fight tooth and nail against any semblance of an admission of guillt, meaning that complaints would be refuted, sometimes quite aggressively, without any apology. And in these connected times, the sour taste left in the mouth of the client can be shared instantly with 100s, perhaps 1000s of others. . .Matthew Rippon. .Oct 4, 2013

Matthew Rippon
Lawyer, presenter, business consultant, mentor, radical and leader of the revolution

Matthew's Views | telling it like it is Please, permit me to explain…
My name is Matthew. I am interested in design and creative thought. I am intrigued by enterprise and entrepreneurs. I like to read and to write and I'm too old now to do anything other than speak my mind. Oh, and I’m a director of *particular, a law firm that focuses on the commercialisation of new ideas.
The trouble is Matt has got his head so far up his own arsehole he just don't understand anything he "reads"...